Saturday 21 July 2018

Ask the expert: Brian Lee from Chopped

Brian Lee
Brian Lee

Q: I’m trying to cut down my sugar intake but my cravings are really hard to manage, what is the best way to get through this phase?

A: Everyone’s cravings are different and there are lots of ways to cut them down.

1 Get your sugar hit through Mother Nature. We all know those cravings can hit at any time so keep some fruit nearby and substitute it for those sweets you always reach for. Have a supply of snacks like nuts, seeds and dried fruits nearby. Not only will you get the added fibre and nutrient benefits but you’ll also notice your cravings diminish over time.

2 Cut down your sweet tooth over time. For some people it’s impossible to go cold turkey. They have a few days of healthy eating that is ruined by a binge fest of their favourite treats. Try giving in a little. Although it might seem impossible to leave half a Dairy Milk, give it a try. Having a smaller amount of what you love is better than gorging on it and ruining the good work you’re doing with exercise and an improved diet.

3 A big source of sugar craving is leaving too long a gap between meals. People think they are following a healthy option by eating less but when you wait too long between meals your body starts crying out for the fatty foods that it loves. Try eating smaller amounts more often. A bowl of porridge for breakfast and a healthy salad at lunch will help keep blood sugar stable and avoid sugar cravings at the 3pm slump.

4 Reach for water when the sugar cravings hit. A lot of the time you think you’re hungry you’re actually just thirsty! You can also add sweetness to your hydration regime by popping some fresh fruit into your water bottle. That way, your sweet taste is satisfied and you stay hydrated.

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