Tuesday 17 September 2019

Are you more Omega than Alpha?

Omega males are the lowest of the low on the guy food chain. They can shirk responsibility and refuse to grow up. But do you qualify as an Omega male? Check out these three telltale signs.

1. Your music collection is your identity

Omega males can often be identified by an intense commitment to a self-indulgent pastime, whether music, comics or clothes. John Cusack's obsession with music in High Fidelity, for example, was so consuming he ended up sad and lonely, and stuck in a dead-end job.

2. You desperately want a career break

Omega males believe they are far too creative to subject themselves to the daily grind. But in reality it is more likely they are afraid they won't be able to meet people's expectations of them.

3. You still want to be a rock star

Growing up, every bloke dreams of being a great footballer, actor or rock star, but eventually most realise their skills are better suited to a more traditional career.

But while childhood friends move on, the omega male continues to chase unfulfilled dreams.

So while Omega men hate to conform, they need to remember eventually every man has to grow up and start living like a proper adult.

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