Friday 24 November 2017

Are food programmes making you fat?

The study found that watching food programmes made you consume greater amounts of calorific food
The study found that watching food programmes made you consume greater amounts of calorific food

Claire O'Mahony

Warning: too much Jamie, Nigella, Gordon and Rachel Allen can result in your piling on the pounds.

If you thought that you couldn’t gain weight by looking at a TV screen, think again.

A new study has found that people are more likely to indulge in fattening snacks after watching a food programme than a nature programme.

Scientists at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in New York believe that cooking and food programmes could contribute to obesity following their study on a group of 80 adults, which was divided into two groups.

One group were given a cookery programme to watch while the other half of the study watched a nature show. Every person was given three bowls filled with chocolate sweets, cheese curls or carrots, equalling 800 calories in total.

Whatever food that wasn’t consumed by weighted by the researchers. They found that those who watched cookery programmes were far more likely to eat larger amount so of sweets than the nature show viewers, who were more likely to gnaw on the raw carrots.

According to the researchers: “TV watching has been associated with overeating and obesity – but how popular food-related shows affect eating behaviour has not been examined.

“Significantly more chocolate covered sweets were consumed among those who watched the cooking programmes.

“These findings may have implications for obesity prevention.”

The study also discovered that people ate more even when they were watching food programmes that promoted healthy eating.

What we can draw from the study? That it might be time to switch off food network and to never, ever watch a Nigella Lawson show if you’re feeling even remotely peckish.

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