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Appealing apps top ten healthy downloads

When it comes to boosting their fitness, health and well-being, an increasing number of us are going mobile. Here are our pick of the 10 mobile downloads that can give your lifestyle some app appeal.

1 MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter -- Free

No matter how strict you are in terms of dieting, your good work can be quickly undone by scoffing sneaky snacks. But whether you crave something salty, sweet, crunchy or cheesy, the Calorie Counter will warn you just how many calories you'll be adding. With over one million foods in its database it has been lauded as the best mobile calorie counter.

2 Aviva Health Mate -- Free

This nifty app may not be able to count every breath to take but it will log every step you make by turning your iPhone into a pedometer. Health Mate is preloaded with lots of popular walking and running routes throughout Ireland.

3 Unislim -- Free We should all eat to live and not live to eat, but sometimes that can be easier said than done. The Unislim app helps control your urges with its 'Shape Up' section that provides a daily menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. A cool addition is its Before & After photo booth to show others your dieting success.

4 Nike Training Club -- Free

Designed specifically for women who want to work out, Nike's Training Club transforms your phone into a pocket-sized personal trainer.

It not only tailors workouts to meet your needs and teaches you how to do the exercises, but also gives point-based incentives.

5 Pill Tracker -- Free From vitamins to cold remedies and contraceptives, pill popping can become a complicated affair. But Pill Tracker can help make sure you don't mess up by making sure you take your medications, pills or vitamins on time, every time.

6 Fertility Friend -- Free For those who need to put a little more effort into planning their pregnancy, Fertility Friend has become the app of choice. It will tell you your most fertile days all highlighted on its colour-coded calendar.

7 Contraction Master -- €1.59

Playing the waiting game at the end of a pregnancy can be a stressful time. However, to help get you to the hospital on time and help avoid any false alarms this app times your contractions at the touch of a button allowing you to share your contraction information with your doctor.

8 Blood Pressure Expert Lite -- Free

With over 40pc of adults suffering from high blood pressure, the Blood Pressure Experts is designed to help sufferers manage their illness.

Shockingly, it is estimated if people better managed their high blood pressure five thousand strokes could be avoided every year in Ireland.

9 Cry Translator -- €3.99

Is your baby hungry, sleepy, annoyed or just plain bored? Unfortunately, the wailing of most babies gets lost in translation.

Not only does this app diagnose your baby's cry, but recommends helpful solutions.

10 WebMD -- Free Arguably one of the most comprehensive health applications, WebMD offers a wealth of medical information.

While it is not meant as a substitute to going to your GP, its Symptom Checker can give you a quick diagnosis while on the move.

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