Monday 11 December 2017

After some rest and a few trips to the gym, I’m back

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Yvonne Hogan
Yvonne Hogan

Yvonne Hogan

I am a much happier bunny this week. I feel positive and motivated. I put this down to two things.

Firstly, I took last weekend off. A wise man politely suggested I was overdoing it and trying to do too much too soon – thank you, Frank Greally – so I took his advice.

And instead of getting up at the crack of dawn to pound the pavements, I stayed in bed – until 9am on Saturday and 9.15am on Sunday. I also took a nap on Sunday afternoon.

Come Monday, I was in a much better frame of mind and I happily got up at 6am to follow week five, day one of my app which was: 5r, 3w; 6r, 3w; 5r.

And I did it! It was a struggle, but I did it! I had nothing left in the tank at the end of it, and the idea of me running 5k still seems like a joke, but I completed something that I thought would be impossible.

Tuesday, I also took off, and on Wednesday, I started training with Niamh at Bodybyrne, which brings me to the second thing that has led to the return of my mojo: I love strength training – I just love it. I love the feel of the weights in my hand, I love the feeling of the pain of the effort and working through it, I love counting the reps and completing the set.

I also love having a trainer. I can't really afford it a lot of the time, but to me it is worth every penny. It gets me back on track and makes me accountable.

I love learning new things, I love being pushed to my limits, and I love being told what to do. In every other area of my life, I have to make important decisions all of the time and take responsibility for the results. But in training, I can free my mind of all that responsibility and just do what I am told. It is incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.

It had been a long time since I pushed myself, and push myself I did. I had to stop before the end of the session and have a little vomit. I was destroyed. Within 20 minutes though, those feelgood endorphins started kicking in and I skipped to work.

Thursday, I had planned to do another day of the couch-to-5k app, but my legs were in bits from training so I didn't. But I felt okay about parking it because I had another training session booked.

Which brings me to this morning. It is Friday as I write, and I have just finished my second session with Niamh. It was great. I lifted decent enough weights and got through the cardio bits without vomiting.

On Sunday, I will do day three of the app – skipping day 2, which is 5r, 3w; 8r, 5w; 5r and do 8r, 5w; 8r.

Next week, I'm training Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the gym. Running: Thursday 10r, 5w; 10r. Sunday 10r, 3w; 10r.

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