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A tried and tested simple solution to the aches and pains of everyday life


Aches and pains: now there is an easy way to treat them.

Aches and pains: now there is an easy way to treat them.

Aches and pains: now there is an easy way to treat them.

Foam rolling was once used by athletes and trainers but has now spread to become common practice for runners and gym goers.

Unlike most things, this is a trend that may well be here to stay for good, which is great news. So what is it and what is it all about?

Foam rolling is a technique used to allow myofascial release of muscles and tissue through specific movement on the roller. In layman's terms, that means massaging the muscles, including certain key trigger points.

My best advice on foam rolling is, if you haven't already got a foam roller, then get one.

This handy little piece of equipment is great for the release of tension and the sore muscles that can build up not just from training, but also from the daily grind - you know, the aches and stiffness caused by the poor posture many people adopt when going about their daily life. Just think how often you have noticed yourself slouching at that computer desk or on the couch.

I particularly like the Grid Roller from Trigger Point Therapy, which is featured above. It does exactly what it says on the tin and allows for some deep massaging to help work out any stress in the muscles, all while using a grid-style roller, which really helps to focus on those crucial trigger points.

I have found over the years that some less durable foam rollers can soften over time and not have the same effect for rolling on, so make sure you choose a sturdy version like the one shown.

Rolling can be a great way to help break up scar tissue, and it promotes better blood flow and can help with mobility. Even if you are not sporty, this is one of those items you should definitely invest in. After all, with better blood flow and better mobility, you are going to be much healthier generally.

So when is the best time to roll? Foam rolling was primarily used and is still used by athletes before a race as a very effective warm-up, but this doesn't restrict you from using it at any time. I'm fond of taking it out after a long day just to ease tension build-up.


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