Monday 26 February 2018

335lbs woman loses half her body weight to try for a baby

Jacqui McCoy
Jacqui McCoy

A contestant on a reality TV show has lost 58 per cent of her body weight.

Jacqui McCoy from Florida weighed 335lb when she started her one year weight-loss challenge on ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition’.

The 30-year old had suffered from depression because of her size, which was also causing fertility issues. She refused to let her husband see her naked.

She has since lost more than half her body size and weights 148lb.

Although she discovered she has blocked tubes, she is now a candidate for IVF and will start the treatment soon.

She told the show: 'I'm not sure I would have fought as hard as I did if I wasn't as motivated by the thought of having a family.'

Jacqui’s weight problems started aged 14 when she was attacked at a party by a young boy. She began comfort eating in secret to cope with the tramua.

She was awarded a $50,000 (€40,069) gift card from Walmart for her prize.

Jacqui has now become a weight loss couch herself. 'I got this amazing gift and I want to share it with everyone I can,' she explained. Her sister is now one of her clients and has lost 48lb to date.

The entire family now enjoys a healthier diet which includes grilled chicken and vegetables instead of more calorific options.

“I found the biggest hurdle to weight loss is not your body but your brain. It was when I changed my mind about who I am, what I am worth, and what I am capable of doing. Once I finally found my fight to lose the weight I realized life is a fight,' said.

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