Tuesday 21 November 2017

10 Best: New Year body resolutions

According to research, two thirds of us will ditch our diets today, so here is some inspiraton for you you with 10 of the best new year body resolutions to keep you on track
According to research, two thirds of us will ditch our diets today, so here is some inspiraton for you you with 10 of the best new year body resolutions to keep you on track
Thou shall enjoy exercise
"Exercise should be fun, so if you don't enjoy it, stop slogging it out and try something else," says celebrity trainer and founder of Twenty Two Training Dalton Wong, "getting fit doesn't mean simply getting to a gym, so think outside the workout box and include exercise like playing football with your kids or walking to work. Try too to get to know if you're a morning or evening exercise person, as that can be key to enjoying it." One of the best ways to inject fun into your body plan? Join a class say the experts, as working out in groups is more motivating than going solo say studies
Thou shall reward thyself every time I reach a fitness goal
"Recording, measuring and rewarding your success is key to spurring your on. But choose to reward yourself with something other than food," advises Wong. "Most of us use food as a prize, but if you're serious about changing your body try and get yourself a whole new kind of incentive programme."
Thou shall get a proper sports bra fitted
Don't become one of the seven out of 10 women who are wearing the wrong sports bra," which can lead to breast movement and associated breast pain," warns Dr.Scurr of the Breast Health unit at University or Portsmouth.
Thou shall try interval training
"Research shows it's far more effective for burning fat and reducing the risk of injury," explains Simone Gianni, trainer at dance, fitness and holistic training studio Frame.
Thou shall remember that strong is the new skinny
Because whether you were inspired by 2012's summer of strong, athletic Olympians or not, it's now about working out to power up , not just slim down. So start using weights (proven to build healthier bones, muscle definition and boost cardiovascular health), your own body weight or try some functional training classes (a new wave of exercise to train muscles and joints to perform better in natural movements like jogging, walking, lifting, pulling and climbing) for change. Remember that no diet will ever get the same body boosting results as a workout.
Thou shall make carbs my friend
"You need them, especially if you're working out," warns Wong, "otherwise you'll end up with no energy, not to mention a pointless workout, and your fitness and body goals end up moving further and further away. Just remember to eat the right varieties," including healthy grains, quinoa, green veg, sweet potatoes and berries.
Thou shall add yoga or pilates to my weekly workouts
"Because if you're working out not only does it help you to stay injury free," as trainer Fluer Horner of Frame says, mixing in yoga will mean you'll build up that beautiful long, lean muscle faster, it also gives your body, and mind, the essential strength boosting rest it needs between cardio sessions
Thou shall update my fitness plan if I'm not seeing change
"I tell all my clients to tweak and change their fitness regime at least every eight weeks to keep their body - and mind - engaged. It's also important to go for a full body MOT at the physiotherapist every quarter if you train to check that your muscles and spine are all in line and working properly," advises Wong, "because sometimes a lack of improvement can be down to a physical block."
Thou shall eat more fibre
"Because if you're losing fat, you'll also be releasing toxins (stored in the fat) so boosting your digestive system will make the whole process faster and easier on your body. But, as we habitually tend to eat more protein and less high fibre carbs a supplement (of at least 35g) is now a healthy essential."
Thou shall ease off on high intensity training
Too much leads to burnout and injury, "your body can only take so much," warns Wong, "just look at the professional athletes who have a season on and a season off, there's a reason for that. Our body can't go on and on and on getting fitter and stronger, so if you want to get fitter, firmer and stronger you have to take time off, however much you love high intensity training."

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