Saturday 17 March 2018

Fitness trackers 'don't aid weight loss' - study

Fitness tracker - more research is needed
Fitness tracker - more research is needed

Fitness trackers may not help weight loss, according to a new trial. It investigated whether using wearable technology helped people lose more weight compared to standard weight-loss programmes.

Researchers tracked 470 overweight or obese people aged 18 to 35 for 24 months. Everyone in the study was put on a low-calorie diet, given an exercise plan and invited to regular group counselling sessions.

After six months, half the group was given a wearable device to track activity and feed it into a computer programme that also allows people to record their diet.

The other half were simply told to continue the weight-loss programme and monitor their exercise and diet by themselves.

The group using the Fit Core tracker lost an average of 3.5kg over two years, compared with an average 5.9kg in the self-monitored group.

The study authors say there are many possible explanations for their surprising finding but, as yet, no proof. More conclusive research is needed.

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