Wednesday 13 December 2017

Fit Kit: Anyone for tee? Helping you get in the swing

Three products to help get you in the swing and right on target

The box of mixed golf balls.
The box of mixed golf balls.
Garmin Approach S4
Spalding B-Nickel Wedge

Here are three products which are bound to help improve your game.

Hit me again 36 Golf Ball Pack


Who would have ever thought that golf balls are harvested from the lakes and areas around golf courses and repackaged? This box of 36 balls contains a mixed range of golf balls, cleaned and ready for use on the local pitch-and-putt course. Perfect if you are learning and have a tendency to overshoot the boundaries.

HIT: Some of the golf balls can be excellent quality.

Knock: Each ball is different.

Garmin approach s4


There is an incredible fusion of technology and sport in this simple but technical golfing watch. The touch screen allows you to navigate the menus with ease to find more than 30,000 pre-installed golf courses around the world. The GPS signal is used to calculate your shot yardages and distance to the pin (front, middle and back of the green). What this means is that at any point the numbers can help you determine what club to use and how far it is to doglegs on the course. You get good battery power with up to 10 hours with the GPS on. This golf watch is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 so it can connect to your mobile phone for counting your shots and relaying notifications if your phone receives messages, emails and calls.

Pros: Free lifetime updates of golf courses. Attractive watch.

Cons: Its advanced features might not be used by everyone.

Verdict: A truly advanced golfers’ gadget, which is fun, attractive and very useful.

Spalding B-Nickel Wedge


While golfing may be a little intimidating, the local pitch-and-putt course can be an easy way to get you started in the game. If you plan to make it a regular event, then you may want to consider getting your own small selection of clubs (usually a wedge and a putter) so you can focus on developing your skills. With a bit of good advice at the local golf store in Howth, I was advised on the right club to choose based on the angle of the club head to match the way I was hitting the ball. The Spalding wedge is an entry-level club that is slightly heavier, designed to let you feel the swing of the club and experiment with finding your rhythm. Combined with a small bit of reading on golf etiquette and basics of how to play the game, it’s an excellent addition to my usual training regime.

Pros: The club weight.

Cons: You will need to get the right club head angle to ensure it suits your style of swing.

Verdict: With the right advice, this |value-for-money club can help you begin golfing with ease.

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