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Sponsored Features: John Rocha talks eyes


Internationally renowned fashion designer, John Rocha, known for his signature muted tones, has brought in a vibrant palette for his debut foray in to eyewear.

Thirteen new designs are on offer at Specsavers and the new collection is aimed at being very wearable but extremely stylish.


“I’ve drawn on some of the recurring temple motifs, criss-cross and lace patterns and embellishments that you’ll find in my other collections, but have injected more colour,” explains the designer.


“I usually tend to favour the more muted colours of black, ecru and charcoal but last year I spent some time working in the south of France and I suppose the light and colour there made me appreciate and consider colour more”, he says.


“I’ve used indigo and petrol blues, purple and berry red tones in a combination of metal and acetate to make the glasses a true fashion statement. Ultimately, if you love fashion or just feel good wearing them, then they are for you,” he states.

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