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Sponsored Feature: New warning that smoking ‘increases the risk of blindness’


The stark warning that ‘Smoking increases the risk of blindness’, will, in future, be printed on tobacco products, following the adoption by the European Commission of a number of new health warnings.

New scientific evidence has emerged regarding the health effects of tobacco use and the causal link between smoking and vision impairment, which has led the European Commission to revise the health warnings.

A new directive has been adopted and member states now have until 2014 to introduce the new written health warnings on tobacco products.

The European vision charity sector, led by the UK’s Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), has been lobbying in partnership with ophthalmic representatives, to convince the European Commission and EU governments to introduce this new sight-loss warning on tobacco packets since 2006, and has since called for timely implementation across the EU.