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Question: I’ve been experiencing slightly blurred vision for about a week now.

It started after conjunctivitis which lasted approximately 3-4 days. Yesterday I wore my contact lenses and my eye watered and was very red and painful. I took my contact lenses out when I came home and it continued to water and hurt. This morning it felt better, and now it’s less red and doesn’t hurt at all, but the blurred vision is still there. I’m 19 years old and have been using soft monthly disposable toric lenses for a year or 2. I am living in Madrid where the air is drier and I seem not to be able to wear my lenses for as long as I can in England.

Answer: The best advice would be to keep your lenses out and make an urgent appointment with your optician. I suspect you actually have a keratitis which is a corneal infection; this can be serious and needs urgent treatment.

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2. Dryness and Blur

Question: In the last 3 - 4 weeks my visual focus has changed somewhat. When I concentrate my vision on something, after a few seconds my focus will drop off a little and then clear up. Written text is not as sharp anymore and will alter from being sharp to very slightly blurry and back again. My eyes feel painful, tired and dry at times also.

Answer: Dryness can cause blurring of the vision along with discomfort. It would be sensible for you to make an appointment with your local Optician who will be able to check your vision and assess if any spectacles are required. The Optician will also assess the health of the eye and will be able to advise you if your eyes are dry and if so will advise you of any necessary treatments.

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3. Uncomfortable Contact Lenses

Question: I am a contact lenses wearer. I wear monthly ones. I have told my optician before that sometimes I can feel the monthly ones in my eye which makes it uncomfortable when I’m wearing them and I feel so relieved when I take them off after I have come home. He then gave me some other contact lenses to wear which is made from harder plastic/material which I could not wear at all .So I know that the type of contact lens material that suits my eye best is the soft monthly ones. However, sometimes I can feel it in my eye as it gets a little uncomfortable, it doesn’t hurt but I just can’t wait to take it off after a while maybe the monthly ones aren't right for me. What can I do? Can Specsavers help me choose the right lens for me?

Answer: Contact Lenses should be comfortable for the recommended wearing time, which varies between individuals. As you are occasionally experiencing discomfort, I would advise you to book an appointment with your local optician for a contact lens aftercare. At this appointment the Optician will be able to discuss with you the various types of lenses available and select the type most appropriate for you.

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4. What causes dry, itchy eye lids?

Question: What causes dry, itchy eye lids?

Answer: Usually this is a condition called Blepharitis...

For more information about Blepharitis, see our video below:


5. Different types of conjunctivitis

Question: Are there different types of conjunctivitis?

Answer: There are three different types of conjunctivitis; viral, bacterial and allergic. The treatment generally depends upon the cause however in general, conjunctivitis usually gets better without treatment.

In the vast majority of cases it is a mild condition which poses no threat to the eye or vision. Contact lenses should not be worn until the symptoms have gone completely. You should seek advice from a qualified optician or medical practitioners if the symptoms are marked or persistent.

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