Thursday 22 February 2018

Make-up and styling tips for specs wearers

in glasses
in glasses

Natasha Gray, Chief Frame Stylist, Specsavers

With women wearing their specs as a style statement, or simply to look sharper at work, it’s also important to take skincare and make-up into consideration.

I talked to Roxanne New, a professional make up artist (Roxanne and here are some of our tips.

Eye Health

Although the eyes have protection in the form of eyelashes and tear ducts, you should ensure that you don’t touch your eyes with potential germs. It’s a good idea to wash your hands before you apply your make-up or, if in a hurry or without access to running water and soap, use an anti-bacterial spray to disinfect them.

It’s also important to replace your mascara every couple of months and regularly clean the wand. It’s a good idea to look out for bargains, such as 2 for 1 offers, on mascaras to save money. With other eye make up, you should check the sell-by date.

Most make up does have preservatives that ensure the longevity of the product.

Remember, it’s also important to remove all make up before you got to sleep.

Being able to see

A problem for many specs wearers is being able to see what they are doing in a mirror. This is where a magnifying mirror becomes very important.

Once you have finished your eye makeup, a check with your specs on can ensure that there are no errors!


It’s vital to pay close attention to your skincare. A good regime of cleansing, toning and moisturising can make all the difference. Eye creams are important as they are lighter than face creams and are more likely to be absorbed by the eye area, rather than sit on top of the skin. A lifting and firming eye serum is very beneficial to this delicate skin.

You should not pull at the skin around the eye, instead pat the makeup or cream gently onto the eye area with a light feather-like touch.

If your glasses make a mark on your nose, you should massage that indentation at night and pop into your local store to check the fit of your frames; they may need adjusting or you might want to get the nose pads changed to softer silicon.


It’s necessary to take good grooming care of your eyebrows. Special tweezers with inbuilt lights can be very useful, as well as extra strength magnifying mirrors.

It is possible to pluck with your glasses on. In styling your specs, you should always look to the shape of the browline as the best specs will follow and flatter this line.

For example, if you have arched eyebrows, it is best to have a frame that has a feminine, curved browline or a cat’s eye shape.

The browline of sunglasses should always sit above the eyebrows, while the browline of spectacles should sit slightly below them.

Making the most of your eyes

If you are short-sighted, your lenses might make your eyes look smaller, so you should try all the tricks that will make your eyes look bigger.

Eyelash curlers are essential for this, and lash thickening mascara will help too. A pale pink eyeliner can be used on the inside lower edge of the eye, which will subtly emphasise the eyes.

Sparkle eyeshadow can be used by women of all ages too, to give a shimmer and highlight to the eyes; bronze, browns and smoky greys suit most colourings.

If you are long-sighted, your eye area will be magnified so it is important to avoid your eye make up running.

A good eye primer is useful to ensure that the eye makeup will stay put all day. It’s important not to put powder onto greasy (moisturised) eyes, so a primer will act as a barrier to that grease.

Waterproof mascara is brilliant for keeping the look neat and a little bit of setting powder can also be used under the lashline to prevent the mascara from slipping.

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