Thursday 22 March 2018

Eye health: Seeing beyond 60

The risk of developing certain eye conditions increases with age. From 40 onwards, your vision is likely to be changing as part of the natural ageing process, but regular check-ups, friendly advice and correct eyewear can help you to safeguard the best possible quality of vision – and life.

This is the age when your eyes become more susceptible to certain problems.

Visiting your optician regularly can help diagnose and treat these conditions early, as it may be too late if you wait until you notice a problem.

Your Specsavers eye examination includes high-tech retinal photography, at no extra cost, which can help detect early signs of many sight or life-threatening conditions.


Cataracts are common in over-60s. The lens becomes opaque, blurring vision and even leading to loss of sight if left untreated.

In the early stages, the condition may cause near-sightedness and the reduction in perception of blue colours.

Surgery is the most effective way to restore vision.


Age-related macular degeneration, frequently referred to as AMD, occurs in older people. The macula – the centre of the retina, used for detailed vision – thins and occasionally bleeds.

This can lead to distortion or even loss of central vision. The sufferer may also have trouble discerning colours. Peripheral vision remains unaffected but central vision loss is serious.

Early diagnosis and treatment are vital.


Glaucoma, the world’s second largest cause of unnecessary blindness, slowly destroys eyesight through raised pressure within the eyeball.

Sufferers experience no discomfort, which means that significant and lasting damage can occur before they notice any difference.

Those aged over 40 are particularly at risk but, if diagnosed early, the condition can be managed effectively with simple eye drops.

How others see us

Good eye health is essential for enjoying life, but seeing is not the whole story – the way we are seen also helps shape the quality of our lives.

As we grow older, we can fall into the trap of thinking that the way we present ourselves no longer matters. We try to blend in and can start to look – and feel – out of touch.

Nothing is more age-defying than someone who presents themselves with confidence. You may be older but your glasses, like the rest of your appearance, should still make a statement.

Don’t shy away from contemporary frame designs and glasses that complement your hair colouring and face shape. Your specs should make you look and feel confident – if not, it’s time for a change.

So, go on – take a fresh look at life. Specsavers is there to help you get more out of it.

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