Sunday 25 August 2019

Exciting times in vision research

It is a pivotal time in global vision research
It is a pivotal time in global vision research

People who have lost their eyesight are being given new hope thanks to breakthroughs discussed at a recent Fighting Blindness conference in Dublin.

Prof Eberhart Zrenner, the German inventor of the implant known as the "bionic eye", believes that we are at a key time for patients with a range of eye conditions. Many patients who have received electronic retinal implant technology have reported some restoration of vision and the ability to distinguish faces, identify mid-sized objects - including phones, and some of them have even been able to read letters, he said.

This is a pivotal time in vision research, including gene therapies, stem-cell therapies, drug therapies, electrostimulation or retinal implants.

The aim is to help patients maintain or regain some vision, making real what was once considered impossible. Never has there been a more exciting time in global vision research, he added.

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