Saturday 21 April 2018

Drug trials 'help other patients'

Clinical trials - hundreds of patients voluntarily participate.
Clinical trials - hundreds of patients voluntarily participate.

Around 13,000 patients were involved with tests for new drugs to treat cancer in 2013.

The drugs offer new hope to people with the disease and patients in around 16 hospitals were involved.

Hundreds of patients voluntarily participate in clinical trials every year. Research carried out among almost 100 found that 50pc signed up because they believed they would receive the best possible medicine. Meanwhile, 46pc agreed because they wanted to help others in the future.

Dr Ray McDermott of ICORG which oversees the trials said: "Participating in clinical trials is not something to fear. I'd encourage anyone who is newly diagnosed or currently receiving treatment for cancer to ask their consultant oncologist about clinical trials that might be available to them."

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