Wednesday 21 February 2018

Dr Mosley's steps on how to slim down for the sun

The Fast Beach Diet can get you bikini-ready
The Fast Beach Diet can get you bikini-ready

The man behind the 5:2 diet gives us a pep talk on getting in shape for summer

The mind game


Be more aware of everything you eat. The joy of intermittent fasting is that you don't have to think about dieting most of the week. But for these six weeks, be mindful about every mouthful. Which means:


* No eating on autopilot: savour every meal and mouthful


* Slow down: take time over your food, sip water, Allow your body to feel full.


* Never eat straight from a box. Measure out every portion on to a plate.


* Clear your cupboards. Ditch foods that are fattening and tempting ...


* ... but keep lots of healthy food to hand and ready to eat. So out go the biscuits, in come carrot sticks.


Get active


Here's how to turn everyday activities into an HIT session:


* Outdoor running. Warm up by jogging for 1-2 minutes; run flat out up a hill for 10 seconds; recover for one minute; repeat. Increase to three or four 30-second bursts.


* Indoor cycling. Pedal gently for one to two minutes with resistance set on low; then set resistance level to your maximum and pedal hard for 20 seconds. Pedal gently for one to two minutes to let your heart rate recover. Repeat.


* Stair-running. Bound up stairs for 30 seconds, recover for one to two minutes. Repeat. Don't run downstairs.


* Swimming. Warm up leisurely. Sprint-swim for half a length (25m pool); recover for one to two minutes. Repeat. Build up all exercises to three repetitions. You are aiming for a total of three minutes' high-intensity exercise per week. Don't eat beforehand, and don't use this as an excuse to load up on carbs; you won't need refuelling.


Eat better


* Cut out alcohol. It's filled with empty calories, disrupts sleep and stimulates appetite. Repeat after me: "White wine is not my friend."


* Cook at home and avoid packaged foods.


* Cut out the 50:50s – anything that is half-fat, half-sugar, such as ice-cream, muffins or sweetened lattes.


* Have soup before supper. Research suggests it can suppress appetite.


* Use the rule of eating 75pc cent vegetables to 25pc protein or carbs.


* Banish meat from one meal a day, and start eating more fish.

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