Monday 23 October 2017

Doctors record amazing moment deaf teen hears her father call her name for first time Newsdesk and Agencies

This is the amazing moment a young girl who has been deaf her whole life hears her father speaking for the very first time.

After a ten hour surgery which involved a auditory brainstem implant (ABI), placed on her brain, 14-year-old Maggie Gleason was finally able to hear her family's voices.

Footage recorded from the UH Case Medical Center in Cleveland shows her father Frank asking if she can hear him. She responded with a massive grin.

"You can hear my voice? What about your sister?" her mother Joanna asks, which Maggie nods to.

Maggie was one of the first people to receive ABI treatment in the Cleveland centre. The device is made up of a microphone, electrodes and microchip and is placed where the lower part of the brain and spinal cord meet.

Along with being deaf, Maggie was born with weak kidneys and a collapsed lung. She was initially given just one year to live.

Her family have since learned sign language and she was educated in a school for deaf children.

Since the device was initially turned on, Maggie is receiving speech and hearing therapy in order to fine turn her brain. Her mother says her favourite sound to hear is her father calling her name.

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