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Thursday 22 August 2019

Doctor claims advances in womb transplants mean men 'could get pregnant tomorrow'

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An expert in reproductive medicine has claimed that men could be pregnant 'tomorrow' thanks to advances in womb transplant capabilities.

According to the Daily Mail, Dr Robert Paulson, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, was speaking at their annual conference when he was asked if men having babies was 'pie in the sky'.

Paulson replied: "You are talking about trans women. Someone who started out as a man, who became a woman.

"There would be additional challenges, but I don’t see any obvious problem that would preclude it. I think it would be possible.

Asked if someone born male could have a uterus transplant, Paulson said: "They could do it tomorrow," before adding that it was "still a very complicated procedure".

However, he also explained that while there was room in the male body to hold a womb and carry a baby, they would not be able to pass the baby through the male pelvis so the birth would have to be via caesarean section.

The male may also require hormone treatment according to Paulson.

At present, only women are allowed to receive womb transplants, thanks to an international agreement called the Montreal Criteria.

The first operation that resulted in a live birth took place in Sweden in 2014.

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