Sunday 18 February 2018

Do what works for your body, what makes you feel healthy

Listen to your body to establish a healthy lifestyle
Listen to your body to establish a healthy lifestyle

Karl Henry

I have a friend who is a trainer, who disagrees with your high carbohydrate recommendations and lack of supplementation. I was wondering what your views on this were?

Karl Henry replies: Thanks so much for your email and question. Fitness and health is now such a broad area that there are so many different methods of training and food approaches to choose from. It is an area full of passionate people, who have studied one of many different methods to get their results. They believe in their methods and want to tell people about them - exactly the same as myself.

I always believe that the more people who are passionate about health, who are spreading the word of health, the quicker we can tackle the obesity epidemic in the country. One of the main barriers for those who are overweight and need our help the most, is that fitness is frightening for them.

I am lucky enough to have several platforms from which I can talk to large groups of people, such as this column, radio work and TV work. It is always this type of person, the person who finds fitness daunting, that I want to get my message across to.

Simple, easy to follow and easy to change recommendations are always the best way to do this. I adapt my content to target this person. Recommending supplements, high protein diets etc. just turns these people off; it becomes another barrier to health for them. Meanwhile, a simple recommendation of switching white for brown carbohydrates seems easy, but will make a big difference to their health and their journey to get healthy. In time, this will lead to further diet changes, some of the more dramatic ones, but its always the simplest ones that make the difference, as it entices people into starting their journey of health.

When using the national platform, you never get to meet the client, so the recommendations are always more general. This is something that other trainers and fitness enthusiasts generally fail to understand, and if they want to spend their time channelling their energy into something negative, then so be it.

I was trained to focus on the positive, not to put down other trainers as they are just being passionate about what they believe. We are all in the same battle against obesity and all the recommendations will generally work, especially when specifically tailored for actual clients that you get to meet.

I suppose my answer to your question is to follow what works for your body; what you feel best doing; whatever makes you feel your healthiest. Once you are getting healthy, it doesn't really matter who or what method you follow or train with.

One of my rules in life is to surround myself with positive people. This is something I find to be one of the most important rules in life, so just make sure you surround yourself with positivity, as ultimately it will help you to get positive too!

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