Friday 17 January 2020

Develop true grit in work

Resilience is a valuable asset in the workplace.
Resilience is a valuable asset in the workplace.

How do you develop true grit in the workplace? Building resilience helps us to better manage changes, challenges and competition.

Irish management consultant Karen Maher, of Karen Maher Associates, who has 20 years experience in areas like workplace resilience training, advises:

• Visualise success - resilient people create their own vision of success. This helps them achieve their goals by providing a clear sense of their future direction.

• Increase your self-esteem - identify what you're good at. Remind yourself of these things regularly.

• Take control - resilient people are assertive and believe they can make a difference and can be successful.

• Be more optimistic - it's important to look on the bright side, have confidence in your own abilities, and salvage what you can from difficult situations.

• Manage your stress - be physically active. Eat healthily. Get a good night's sleep.

• Improve your own decision-making - resilient people trust their own judgement, but aren't afraid to change their minds.

• Deal with conflict - be calm and take a positive approach. Be patient, it's worth taking as much time as needed to resolve a conflict situation. Be respectful, by focusing on the issue not the person. Know when to ask for help - this is a strength and not a weakness.

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