Monday 16 December 2019

Continental Gatorskin Grandprix 4 Tyres €65, Local Bike store

If you've ever been caught on your racer bike in the rain without mud guards you'll know what this accessories is about. Easily placed under any type of seat, using the rails to clip onto, this small patch of protection saves your trousers or tights from getting drenched. It comes as a great surprise that these little attachments come in different shapes and sizes to suit a variety of bikes.

Pros: Solid, puncture proof protection.

Cons: Price.

Verdict: A fast rolling, no problems tyre for summer and winter cycling.

For confidence while you are out training, the German hand-made tyres are a best pick among anyone doing sportive cycles or long weekend spins. The Grandprix 4 folding tyre gives you several layers of puncture protection from the road. A good technology is the Duraskin sidewall protection for the ultimate puncture proof layer. The grip is good and they inflate to high pressure of 110psi. A good tyre for all types of conditions.

'IN celebration of those who are fighting flab.' There is no greater story than the evolution of sports equipment through an epic story. 'Fat Lad at the back' was conceived by three guys who challenged themselves to climb the Alps. They set about designing quality gear with the right bumps, bends and comfort for those guys who aren't on the bike 24/7. The bib tights are as comfortable as they come, with various types of material used for ventilation, stretch and comfort. You'll get a real kick out of the branding 'Fat Lad at the back'.

HIT: Shape, quality and feel.

Knock: Not available in retail stores yet here in Ireland.

pros: Fits in a book, bag or just about anywhere.

cons: Fairly flimsy, so durability might be an issue.

Verdict: An easy novelty addition to your bike that is 'mighty' useful.

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