Monday 23 April 2018

Check soft drinks for sugar - warning

Always check the sugar content on the label.
Always check the sugar content on the label.

For parents looking to avoid giving their kids sugary drinks, it seems fruit juices and smoothies can't be considered safe ground - pre-made and shop-bought ones, anyway. Checking the sugar content on the label is the most practical solution. The zero-risk approach is water.

This follows a study of 203 kids' drinks checked by researchers on major supermarket shelves.

The bad news is that 85 juices or smoothies (42pc) contained at least 19g of sugars - the equivalent of four sugar cubes, or roughly a child's entire maximum daily amount of sugars.

Only single-portion cartons were analysed in this study, and only those specifically marketed at children. Sugar-sweetened drinks, sports drinks and iced teas were excluded. So were cordials - the type you mix with water. This means the survey doesn't cover the full range of sugar-laden drinks children may have.

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Liverpool and the University of London.

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