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Monday 19 August 2019

'Cheap booze killing us,' charity warns, as €8 buys a week's limit


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Ian Begley

Ian Begley

Alcohol in Ireland is so cheap that men can drink the weekly low-risk guideline limit for just €7.48 and women for €4.84, a new survey has revealed.

Alcohol Action Ireland (AAI) said its price survey shows the "remarkable affordability" of alcohol.

The survey found cider remains the cheapest strongest alcohol product available in off-licences.

Beer was the second cheapest, just ahead of wine and spirits such as gin and whiskey.

AAI, said Irish consumers can spend as little as 44c for a standard drink of cider, 46c for beer, and 56c for wine.

For spirits, they can buy a standard drink of gin for 67c; vodka for 62c and whiskey for 68c.

Eunan McKinney, AAI's head of communications, called on the Government to impose minimum unit pricing for alcohol.

"This availability of such cheap, strong alcohol is killing our people," he said.

"It is simply incredible that economic interest would continue to be advanced ahead of a public health measure that would benefit the well-being of our youth and those at high risk because of alcohol.

"Our survey highlights the clear and urgent need for the Government and the Minister for Health to immediately commence minimum unit pricing which passed into law last October but lies stuck in political inertia."

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