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breathe easy with Aisli's stories

Aisli Madden is set to become a familiar figure on our TV screens this Autumn as presenter of the RTE show Domestic Divas.

She is also an enthusiastic advocate of mindfulness and is writing a series of children's books, based on the stress-busting technique.

Aisli's mother Deirdre Madden was a well-known figure in education circles and wrote the bestselling Home Economics text book for the Junior Cert.

"When my mother passed away, I was 23, and I went through a very difficult time. I wasn't suffering from depression but I found it difficult to find happiness and I looked for it anywhere I could.

"I was taking words of wisdom from the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. I was searching and searching.

"Then I discovered mindfulness and I found that it really helped. It's about bringing your focus to the present moment. It gives people confidence to do whatever it is they need to achieve their goals.

It helps you to redirect your energy from negative feelings and turn life's experience to your best advantage.

Aisli's Buddabugz books will have mindfulness messages built into them, and teaches breathing exercises.

"Breathing controls so much about how we feel, and I felt that it was something that everybody should know about and not just people who are into yoga and Buddhism.

"It's a good idea to have the techniques in school, because maybe stress will be a less important issue if children learn to handle it at a young age."

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