Sunday 22 April 2018

Anti-ageing: Figuring out the future

Fitness instructor Pat Henry
Fitness instructor Pat Henry

Pat Henry

It is important to look forward to the future. You can do this by setting goals. The more excitement and ambition that's attached to your goal, the greater your motivation, so it's very important to choose your goals and targets very carefully for that reason.

Set goals in all areas of your life - in your relationships, financial situation, your mind, your physical needs and your spiritual needs. They have to pull in the same direction, otherwise you will feel lost. Think of your life in terms of a pizza that has many slices, divide each section into one area of your life that you want to really focus on and write down the most important areas in each section of the pizza and each section of that will be a part of your life.

In order to get the best out of life you should enjoy what you are doing in order to achieve your goal. There is no point in aiming for something that you don't really want.

In setting goals it is important to figure out what exactly you want from life. Be very specific. You might even discover that you don't really want the goals that you thought you did. So the more specific that you are, the more the torpedo will be set towards this target. In order to fulfil your ambition in life, think about what is it that you really want. It's like going on holiday - you plan where you are going, how much money you need and where your flights are going from. Yet on the greatest journey that is our life, we don't seem to have any target of where we are going and how we are going to get there.

It is really important that you set your targets and your goals because if someone else does it for you then you will find that they are taking ownership of your decision and if you make your own decisions on this it will increase your commitment and motivation. It is also important to daydream. Spend some time on your own to think about the things that you want in life and let it become part of your subconscious. Try to be happy while targeting for your goal. Remember goals themselves are not only about reaching the finishing line; you should enjoy the journey along the way.

It's also a good to set mini goals and small, short-term goals over a period of six weeks are advisable. This will help you achieve your main target.

Try not to set goals that are too unrealistic but take it one step at a time.

They say that every seven years your body totally rejuvenates. Seven years ago you were thinking in a certain way and you know the result of that today. So where do you want to be in seven years time?

Try to be persistent in your goals and hang in there no matter what.

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