Wednesday 20 November 2019

Al Porter: I want to keep the positivity going - and keep on running

Al Porter is determined not to go back to his lazy ways

Al Porter
Al Porter

It was great to meet everyone at the race on Saturday. Some of you went from following me on Twitter to me following you in the race. I was worried at one point about getting through it and came perilously close to chasing women for the first time, but then I relaxed and just enjoyed the camaraderie. Attempting a race like this is hard, and not just because I had to get up at half seven on Saturday for it. Now that alone is an achievement for me. I'm not used to that except when a flight is involved. I was so tired. I'm just amazed I didn't go into autopilot mode and head for the airport.

When I started my training eight weeks ago I felt a bit like a baby giraffe in Dublin Zoo. I was a bit wobbly on my feet, I was unsure of myself and unsure of even how and where to actually run. Children would point and stare at me. Their parents would explain what they were looking at as best they could, but even they weren't too sure. I'm just amazed there weren't more photos taken.

I've come through the other side though and the big question is, can I keep it up? Can I avoid going back to the spice bags, bags of sweets, bags of cans? Can I finish this paragraph without getting hungry? Can I avoid trying again to argue wine counts towards my five a day?

I feel like I can and, more than that, I feel that I want to. I'm used to having the fear of a Saturday morning but this is the first time I've had the fear of going back to old habits. More than that I want to keep the positivity going and like the song says: 'Keep on Running'.

Every journey is individual, but it was good to have you all along the way.

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