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May 2021

Gavin Connolly who suffers from ME Gallery

Despite being in a happy relationship, things can crop up which make you reconsider things. Stock image.

Dr Serena Whelan, who beat ovarian cancer, works at NUI Galway. Photo: Ray Ryan. Gallery

Asking family about all matters money can prove awkward. Stock image.

Rebecca Houlihan is hoping to educate people on the effects of asthma. Photo: Gerry Mooney Gallery

Roxana Nicoleta Dumitru is due to start a counselling course in September. Photo: David Conachy. Gallery

April 2021

Enda O’Doherty believes healthy living is a good way to resist the temptations of alcohol. Picture: Patrick Browne. Gallery

Sometimes there can be nothing more infuriating than having a partner nitpicking at everything you do. Stock image.

Oisín Moore and his mum Lillian. Pic: Mark Condren. Gallery

Keeping a diary can prove beneficial for your mental health Gallery

Sinead Laird who suffered from AVNRT. Picture: Gerry Mooney. Gallery

Yvonne Tchrakian with her son Hovan (2) and daughter Penelope, now two-weeks-old Pic: Mark Condren. Gallery

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