Thursday 14 December 2017

100 fit days: Shifting mindsets will shift weight

Yvonne Hogan talks to motivational expert Kylie Ryan about releasing emotional baggage as the first stage to shifting the physical weight

Kylie Ryan is a weight loss motivation expert. Left: Kylie before her weight loss
Kylie Ryan is a weight loss motivation expert. Left: Kylie before her weight loss

Yvonne Hogan

Welcome to day 57. How did your measurements go last week? I am pretty happy with mine. I didn't see a huge drop, but I didn't expect to, having been on holidays for almost two weeks.

My progress from the start is pretty good though. I have dropped over a pound of fat a week on average. Anything significantly more isn't really sustainable long-term. This week, I am talking to Kylie Ryan, a weight loss motivation expert I was introduced to by Rob Derbyshire, the Australian strength coach and gym owner who I interviewed the week before last.

Kylie herself lost an amazing 30kg, 10 years ago, and has managed to keep it off. She is a qualified Clinical NLP Master, Meta-Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Q Could you tell me what you do and how you came to it?

I work with women on shifting their mindset around food, body image, health and self-love. I coach them to release toxic beliefs, and stuck emotions from the past that eat away at their self-worth and cause them to overeat for comfort and self-sabotage their goals. I came to do this through my own health journey. Ten years ago I was 30kgs (66lbs) overweight, and despite working in a gym, and getting PT and nutrition coaching, I still couldn't shift the weight I wanted to. It wasn't until I shifted my mindset and released my emotional baggage that I was able to easily shift the physical weight I had struggled with for years.

I loved my coaching, NLP and hypnosis so much that it became my passion and mission to be an expert and share it with as many women as possible. Now I have a waiting list for my private coaching, an online mindset transformation programme that changes the lives of women all over the world, and I am now training other health coaches who want to learn how to do what I do.

Q What do you think of our 100FITdays?

I love it! I love that you are sharing your journey and sharing expert advice to help inspire people of all fitness levels to improve their health and fitness. One hundred days of fitness is a big challenge for newbies and experienced trainers alike, and something that you can't get through on willpower alone, so to have support and education available through this challenge is awesome.

Q What, in your opinion, is the single biggest factor that stops people following a healthy eating plan?

In my opinion, after working with thousands of women on this very issue, it is your subconscious programming, your beliefs, values, emotions and decisions that sit underneath your conscious awareness that stops people from following a healthy eating plan that they want to do consciously.

The thing is, your conscious mind can only control a very small part of your decisions and behaviours. Most of your behaviours and decisions are made by unconscious habit. If your conscious mind and your unconscious mind are moving in different directions, no matter how hard you try to will yourself to stick to a programme, you will eventually derail. The key to lasting change, especially for those who have had chronic struggles with their health habits, is to get help to clear out the unconscious baggage that is tripping you up from following through on your goals, and ensure that your whole self is congruently aligned with where you want to go.

Q Why do we have such an emotional relationship with food?

Food is unconsciously linked with emotion from the very first taste of our mothers breast milk. Food also releases certain neurotransmitters and chemicals in our body that make us feel good. Food is meant to be pleasurable. The problems happen when we learn to use unhealthy food, or overeating, as a response to emotionally stressful situations. Food can become overloaded with meaning in our minds and we then use food to deal with emotional stress instead of other methods that would help, like meditation, hypnosis, talking with a friend or exercise.

For example, a child might be given lollies by her loving grandmother, and from those special childhood moments onward unconsciously associate lollies with grandma's unconditional love and support. Many years later, when grandma is long gone and that adult now experiences stress and upset, they find themselves scoffing down lollies and don't know why. What they are really hungry for is grandma's unconditional love and support.

Food cannot provide emotional healing. In order to untangle our emotional relationship with those special comfort foods, you need to do some soul searching and uncover what it is you are really hungry for.

Q What is the first question you ask someone who comes to see you for help?

What outcome or goal would you like to achieve from this coaching, which when achieved would be worth over a million dollars to you?

Q What are the three biggest things that you have learned from your clients?

That everyone's path to health is unique.

That everyone can have a vitally alive, healthy body that they love, if they are willing to look within and discover their own power to create it.

That it is possible to achieve seemingly impossible health goals, even while working full-time and caring for children, if you choose to.

Q What would your top five tips be to our 100FITdays followers?

1. Get clear on your outcome for the 100 days. Write it as a future diary entry of success. Then break it down into small, achievable milestones. Visualise your outcome every day.

2. Do some soul-searching and write 100 reasons why you want to make this change. Keep writing until you have tears in your eyes and can feel the fire of yearning in your heart.

3. Focus on tiny daily habits that will take you towards your goal. Pick one change at a time and master it.

4. Track your progress on the habits with a success calendar, use stickers or something fun to celebrate your actions each day.

5. Dream up a big reward for achieving your goal. Yes, it is a reward in itself, but your monkey mind wants a present too. Think of something that you can treat yourself with (not food).

Kylie Ryan is based in Sydney with her husband and young daughter. Kylie inspires women around the world via her highly successful weight loss mindset blog

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