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10 tips to stay active as we age and enjoy it as well


Keep active as you age
Keep active as you age

Seven easy steps to help you stay hale and hearty from fitness trainer Shane Lee.

1 Just move

Before thinking about a specific exercise routine, simply get up and move more. Choose things you enjoy. The couch may be the most dangerous item in the house!

2 Exercise

Exercise helps to maintain bone density, prevent muscle loss and reduce the risk of falls - all enabling you to retain your health and independence. Maintaining strength and balance is key. Try exercising in groups or with friends. Many people are too cautious to do any exercise. Be mindful of medical advice but don't accept being told to quietly do nothing. There is a level of physical activity out there for everyone, whatever their age: focus on what you can do, not what you can't do.

3 Walk...

Walking is one of the best all-round forms of exercise and it's free!

4 Upper body...

Muscle wastage and loss of bone density (osteoporosis) may result in susceptibility to falls. To combat this, try for example, standing with a filled water bottle or weight in each hand. With the palms of your hands facing up grasping the weights, curl towards your shoulders while keeping your elbows by your side; repeat the action 15 times every day.

5 The lower body...

To build strength in your legs, try standing up and sitting down from your chair 10-15 times at least three times per day, ideally without using your hands as support.

6 Balance

To help maintain balance and coordination stand with one foot firmly on the floor and raise the other leg. Try to hold this position for 10 seconds, building up to a minute on each side, while standing near a counter. When you've mastered this, while still standing on one leg, mimic reaching out for an object.

7 Set goals

It can be hugely motivational to set, say three small goals each day, such as climbing your stairs 10 times, and one bigger goal for the week such as completing a walk in the local park or going for a swim or cycle. Goals will allow you to measure progress and can leave you feeling good about yourself.

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