Friday 19 January 2018

Happiness upgrade… How to get his attention

Actress Eva Longoria attends the Premiere of
Actress Eva Longoria attends the Premiere of "Inside Out" during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival

According to dating expert Matthew Hussey, who has taught 50,000 women how to flirt - including Eva Longoria (does she really need help?) - there is one sentence guaranteed to get any guy's attention, and it starts with this: "I could really use your help with something…"

According to Hussey, "All men want to be around women who make them feel more like men, and in the moment you ask us for help, you are appealing to the essential male need to be needed."

It could be tiny things. So, for example, if you're at the bar, you could say, "I could really use your help with something: can you hold my jacket for two seconds while I give these drinks to my friends?" Then, when you get back, you can say, "Thanks so much, how's your night going?" With the conversation started he can now take the lead and carry on chatting if he's interested - or single. And if he's not interested, you haven't lost face because you just asked for a small favour - not for him to marry you. Hussey says that women tend to think that men are much more confident than they are so it's good, wherever possible, to help them out by making the first move.

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