Monday 22 January 2018

Happiness upgrade… Going on a mental diet

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins

Marianne Power

Could you go seven days without thinking a single negative thought about yourself or other people? Could you even go seven minutes? According to self-help guru Tony Robbins, going on a 'mental diet' in which you eliminate all negativity, will totally change your life. He says that the quality of our thoughts is the quality of our lives - so we should all strive to make them better.

I have spent this morning trying it, and am shocked by how many of my thoughts are fearful, worrying, beating myself up, thinking badly of other people, even though actually, life is good right now. I've got into some very bad mental habits. So, how to change them?

Tony says that when you catch yourself focusing on the negative you're to ask questions such as 'what's great about this?', 'what can I learn from this?'. And if you start thinking about something you've messed up, instead of saying 'I'm useless' tell yourself 'I'm great!' So far, so American - but I'm going to try it. Another thing he says is to spend 10pc of your time thinking about the problem and 90pc thinking about the solution.

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