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'Hand and neck tattoos can have a serious impact on your professional life' - Galway tattoo artist

A tattoo artist has said that he "sends people away" if they are looking for their first tattoo on their neck or hands.

Gordon Carney, owner of G's Tattoos, on Shop Street in Galway City, told Independent.ie that he will not give someone their first tattoo on a body part that is easily visible as it's an issue of ethics.

"We get a lot of people who come in for their first tattoo and they might want it somewhere very visible. We just send them away. It's because of ethics and a duty of care as well. We don't want to give the tattoo industry a bad reputation and if we give people tattoos like that straight away, we will," he said.

The tattoo artist, who is originally from Dublin, added that having a tattoo on a body part that is hard to conceal like the hand or the neck can affect someone's professional life and make it difficult to get a job in some sectors.

"It can have a serious impact on your professional life. If you have neck tattoos, it's going to be difficult to pass job interviews."

Mr Carney said many people become addicted to tattoos and that's why they cover their body in them. Hannah Aitchison of LA Ink TV show fame believes it is the process of getting the tattoo that is more addictive than the designs themselves.

She said: "Many people talk about being addicted to tattoos but I think they're more addicted to the process. 

They're addicted to the process of doing something so significant and it having such a tangible effect on their personal being.  There's so much about life now that we can't control but getting a tattoo is utterly your decision. "

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