Friday 23 March 2018

Hail Bono, the king of self-deprecation

Those of you with a fixed view of Bono as a self-regarding - and utterly humourless - ego-muppet, should allow your diarist to revise that notion.

I recently had a late dinner - a shared bowl of French fries, halibut and some Pinot Noir - with him in the swanky Chambar restaurant on Beatty Street in downtown Vancouver in Canada. I used to think that the U2 front-man did irony but not Bono-belittling self-deprecation. Little did I know.

Around midnight, Bono recalled a preview the band gave of their new show for some specially invited guests during rehearsals for the World Tour. In this part of the performance, Bono is seen disappearing, visually, into a cherry blossom tree at the end of Cedarwood Road, where he grew up. His voice can be heard singing the words on the song Cedarwood Road but the VIPs cannot see him.

"So, this woman came to me after [the preview]," began Bono before adopting this posh D4 voice.

"You know what was great? You know what I loved? You know in that song? I can't remember what it was. . .but you disappeared! Oh, it was fantastic!"

His mouth full of chips, Bono was now roaring with laughter at his own expense that this desperately posh woman thought it absolutely marvellous that he had done what all his detractors have long hoped he would.

And disappeared into thin air.

The U2 star's impersonation of the woman continued thus: "That was one of my favourite moments! And when Larry and Adam and The Edge are playing, we are looking at them.

"And when you're singing we feel we have to look at you! So we didn't have to look at you! [Because he had disappeared.]"

Bono then roared with laughter: "I couldn't believe it!!"

Nor could I. Bono belittling Bono. Whatever next? Enda having a go at Enda?

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