Sunday 8 December 2019

Glam slam: Virginia Macari's luxury swimwear range

Embellished bikini, €240.
Embellished bikini, €240.
Swimsuit, €240; silk wrap skirt, €320

Constance Harris

Northern-clime people tend to choose swimwear that is functional, plain and covers the body. The nearer you get to the equator, the more swimwear becomes glamorous, brighter and more revealing.

Irish-Italian designer, Virginia Macari, coming from Ireland and now living in Marbella, walks both worlds with her luxury swimwear range, Virginia Macari Beachwear Couture.

"We [Irish] tend to be more conservative in our swimwear choices," Virginia tells me. "I remember, 15 years ago, people wouldn't spend on swimwear. We would spend on a bag, or shoes, but not swimwear. That has all changed. Now, we see it is an important investment.

"Here in Marbella, women invest in their [swim] look. They are going to their hairdressers early in the morning, then getting their jewellery and style on, and then posing for the day. It is not all about sunbathing now; it is more like a nightclub life. People like to go to the beach clubs, like The Ocean Club and Nikki Beach, looking good and hanging out. A lot of that lifestyle is my target market. And then, I love that classic lady style, which is timeless."

On our pages today, is a LIFE exclusive first peek at Virginia's new campaign, photographed in Marbella with international model, Roxy Horner. Roxy shot to fame earlier this year when it was rumoured she was dating Leonardo DiCaprio. Though we didn't discuss him on the day of the shoot, Roxy seemed well over him to me.

"Roxy is a girl with curves," Virginia explains. "I don't think women relate to skinny women with six packs. I will never use a model who is stick-thin."

Certainly with inspirations such as Monica Bellucci, Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly, Virginia Macari Beachwear Couture is a collection of bikinis, swimsuits - some embellished, some not - and luxurious wrap skirts and gowns, designed to make a woman feel as glamorous as possible.

"This year, I know more what people want. It's a lot more adventurous. I think last year I played it a little safe," Virginia explains. "Every year, I am learning more things. This year, there are things there for the young girl and for the older ladies. The neons, for instance - the younger girl will love that; while the older woman will love the nautical. I also have a geometric print that ties the whole collection together."

In the collection, there are 17 swimwear styles that come in five different colourways and prints. There are high-cut Brazilian-leg styles for the Ibiza/Marbella crowd, and there are low leg and high-waist styles, too.

"The Brazilian cut is a very LA thing, and it is now hitting here," explains Virginia. "The younger girls want it. In Marbella, this is what they wear.

"And it isn't just the very slim girl who wears it, all shapes wear it, because when we want a tan, we want a tan."

Photography by  Jayden Fa

Styling by Andrea Karolina 

Fashion edited by  Constance Harris

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