Wednesday 22 November 2017

Gayle jets in under radar and dashes off for dinner

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Flying visit: Gayle Killilea back in Dublin
Flying visit: Gayle Killilea back in Dublin
Bar buzz: Dance legend Michael Flatley at the Shelbourne
Diarmuid Gavin. Photo: Kip Carroll
Hostess with the mostest: Constance Cassidy with her daughters Jane and Elanor at Lissadell House, Co Sligo. Photo: Mark Condren
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

I think I can say without fear of contradiction that Gayle Killilea is a thoroughly alluring and decent woman. I started her a zillion years ago at the Sunday Independent, where she wrote columns once upon a time, and indeed until very recently Gayle's cut-glass tones could be heard on my office phone voicemail telling people that I was unavailable.

Stay on the line while I tell you what she has been up to most recently: as in a few nights ago.

The beautiful baroness of Ballsbridge, now based in Amerikay with her other half Sean Dunne, flew very much under the radar into Dublin on Thursday morning for a whirlwind visit.

That evening, she was in trendy French restaurant Pichet on Trinity Street for dinner. Gorgeous Gayle is believed to be flying out of Dublin today after a suitably swish catch-up in the city with friends (I couldn't possibly name names).

I hope she comes back soon, or at least more often, because Dublin misses her and her charismatic if controversial husband.

And when all's said and Dunne, we need people like them around the place more than ever, not least because Dublin 4 is filled these days with depressingly insipid bores who fall asleep standing up at receptions talking about their favourite subject: themselves.

Something even their often po-faced critics could never accuse Gayle and Sean of.

Gavin cranes his neck for super garden success

SN Diarmuid Ga.jpg
Diarmuid Gavin. Photo: Kip Carroll

Those shrewd wags at The Telegraph once theorised that Diarmuid Gavin's sex appeal was such that the mere sight of his ample chest hair peeping over the top of his shirt would have wheelbarrow-loads of flush-faced English maidens (garden hoes, anyone) inviting the green-fingered god of the garden to a potting session in the shed. I am sure he would have exactly the same effect on the lovely ladies of Monkstown. Be that as it may, when I bumped into dashing Diarmuid on Sunday in Monkstown he told me that he is up to his eyes installing a "Wonderland" garden at a £24m super-flat in London's Mayfair. He was fitting the garden by crane. Gavin (above) was in especially good form, with his book The Extra Room being Ireland's best selling garden title of 2016. Hoe, hoe, hoe.

Flatley brings that Friday feeling to the Shelbourne

Bar buzz: Dance legend Michael Flatley at the Shelbourne

Bar buzz: Dance legend Michael Flatley at the Shelbourne

The buzz in the Shelbourne was that much buzzier last Friday evening. This can be entirely attributed perhaps to the presence of one Michael Flatley last weekend.

He brought that Friday Feeling to the Shelbourne.

The dance legend and two male pals were spotted briefly in the bar of the famous hotel on Stephen's Green at 5.30pm.

All smiles, the lordly superstar gladly posed for pictures with fans who came over to him, and was generally, if all too briefly, the life and soul of the Shelbourne. But then, isn't he always?

Around the corner in Lillie's Bordello nightclub on Grafton Street, Irish movie star Cillian Murphy was in the hip hot-spot following the premiere of his latest film Free Fire, together with producers Conor Barry and Macdara Kelleher. Christopher Nolan was also sighted in Lillie's last weekend.

Around the corner again - in 37 on Dawson Street -on Saturday night, uber-chef Dylan McGrath was in with friends in the particularly plush surroundings of the Whiskey Bar.

Around the corner in The Ivy on Parliament Street on Monday night Dave Fanning and friends popped in for a pre-gig dinner and drinks before seeing Elbow in the Olympia, er... around the corner on Dame Street.

Sorry: this is the last time I will take you around the corner as your diarist is starting to go around the bend himself here.

Dave was also joined by Kevin Godley and that voice of voices, the sublime Hozier - and again later by Marty Whelan who was dining at a nearby table.

No strangers, only lots of friends, at Lissadell

SN Constan (2).jpg
Hostess with the mostest: Constance Cassidy with her daughters Jane and Elanor at Lissadell House, Co Sligo. Photo: Mark Condren

Hostess with the mostest: Constance Cassidy with her daughters Jane and Elanor at Lissadell House, Co Sligo

There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't yet met, said Sligo gadabout and no stranger to a certain  Lissadell House - Mr  William Butler Yeats.

Extending Yeats's line a little further, there was a multitude of friends and friendly faces recently at the aforesaid spiritual home of beauty, Lissadell House in County Sligo.

The inimitable Constance Cassidy and her lovely daughter Elanor Walsh hosted - plus ca change - a suitably smart Ladies Lunch attended by 200 of Ireland's most fabulous women who arrived in all their finery to gaze in wonderment at the beautifully refurbished new Lissadell.

Constance's VBF barrister Tim Bracken prepared the lovely luncheon, which was greatly enjoyed - among many others - by the radiant Moya Coulson and her lovely sister Rosie, who were seen chatting to the incomparable Maria Mulcahy and her equally lovely sister Orna.

My Deep Throat in Yeats country also spotted in attendance the Mayor of Sligo Marie Casserly, Superintendent Mary Murray and the supremely swish Eileen Magnier, as well as Constance's other lovely daughters Kate, Constance and Jane.

This is to say nothing of former Tanaiste Mary Harney, Judge Yvonne Murphy and UCD's Niamh Brennan, wife of Michael McDowell.

The champagne, served by men to all these magnificent women, flowed with Niagara Falls splendour - not least because it was Lissadell's own brand of champagne, flown-in all the way from France.

A terrible hangover was born?

If I'd known it was going to be that much fun, I'd have donned a frock and gone myself.

Be that as it may, the season starts in Lissadell today from 10am.

Eoghan throws birthday bash for girlfriend Aoife

Eoghan McDermott is a good egg. We are all agreed on that, right?

Last year, I sat next to him on a 10-hour flight to Vancouver, where both of us were off to interview U2.

I (and doubtless Bono) found him to be utterly charming (as doubtless do his many loyal listeners on 2FM). He is the kind of creative fellow that the nation should be celebrating.

In any event, Eoghan helped his gorgeous girlfriend Aoife Melia celebrate her birthday last weekend in House on Leeson Street. It was actually a joint 30th birthday party for Aoife and her friend.

A big birthday cake was brought out on the stroke of midnight by House's glamorous grand fromage Carol Byrne for the birthday girls.

Aoife was wearing a red off-the-shoulder dress with a black choker and a full shawl.

The soiree took place in House's heated terrace where the celebrants - including Bressie and Niall Horan's personal minder Baz Whelan - partied to a respectable hour.

And before I forget, Ronan O'Gara also popped in to join a friend for a nightcap on Saturday night in House.

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