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From the Aran knit to the Bolero - what your cardigan says about you


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This was the summer of the cardigan, didn't you know? Knitwear for summer isn't the usual thing, but it was not a usual summer. The summer cardigan was the perfect sartorial statement for what's been, at best, a confusing year. But what does yours say about you?

Long cardie: Buttonless, bobbled, probably grey, with misshapen pockets that have carried too much. What else was there to do this year but pull this across your chest as you look anxiously out of the window wondering what's going on?

Bolero: You have this Just In Case. It's black, or cream. Because you Can't Go Wrong. You know, for a wedding or a Nice Dinner. It's in the drawer with the pashminas. Let go. Your armpits and shoulders will never be that much colder than every other part of you.

Taylor Swift cardigan: You're a 31-year-old who has just discovered Taylor Swift. You don't understand internet fandoms or TikTok, so consumerism is your only way of engaging with Swift outside of your Spotify premium subscription, which is something you feel strangely compelled to do now.

Harry Styles cardigan: You are a 17-year-old who has just discovered crochet. You've made his viral patchwork cardigan yourself and it looks amazing. The fact that you exist makes me not want an asteroid to destroy humanity. I love you.

A Little Cardie: "What sort of a day is it?" you'll ask. "Warm," he'll say, "Gorgeous." "I'll just grab a little cardi." He says there's no need, but it's no harm, says you. You wear pyjamas to bed and they match.

A slouchy, boxy thick-knit, V-neck with buttons: You wear this off the shoulder, cropped, with a leather mini skirt or high-waisted jeans. You are so fashion-thin you even tuck it in. You have your own fast-fashion discount code. You sexily wear the cuffs down over your wrists.

An Aran knit: You're annoyed, because you've always worn this cardigan, haven't you? And now it's 'trendy,' like Birkenstocks (which you wore first, too). When they inevitably go out of fashion, you'll look dated. You're livid. Two people have already asked if it's the Taylor Swift cardigan. "Taylor what?" you lie.

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