Monday 21 January 2019

'You were the rudest person we ever encountered' - Irish restaurant hits back after customer's 'disgraceful' behaviour

Niall Sabongi of Klaw The Seafood Café
Niall Sabongi of Klaw The Seafood Café
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

A restaurant in Dublin’s Temple Bar has called one of its dissatisfied customers “the rudest person ever” in a public post on TripAdvisor.

Klaw The Seafood Café on Fownes Street in Dublin 2 made the comments when responding to a woman’s review three weeks ago.

The anonymous diner gave Niall Sabongi’s seafood restaurant a one-star review in terms of value, service and food on TripAdvisor.

She claimed that the lobster she ordered made for just “three bites of meat”.

But Niall Sabongi decided to respond to the diner's complaint, saying that she was "disgracefully rude to the staff".

“You were the rudest person any of the team have ever encountered!” the restaurant responded on TripAdvisor.

“Even the lady with you had to apologise for you being so disgracefully rude to the staff and for no reason!”

In her review, the customer said while the quality of the lobster was excellent in terms of flavour and taste, she was dissatisfied.

“After several questions regarding the size and price of the portion of lobster served, specifically would the portion be enough to 'feed' us for dinner. We were assured it would and was more than ample.”

“Unfortunately, this did not turn out to be the case. We received our lobsters which turned out to contain literally three bites of meat. The price was 18 euro. This was accompanied by a small bowl of chips - 4 euro.”

“While both were excellent in taste and flavour, neither represented value for money. So we complained. To be frank, we were brushed off, being told that it was explained that this was the price per portion.”

“We were not satisfied with this response as we have specifically enquired if the portion was enough to feed us for dinner. It was not and we felt mislead. We complained again. This time the person dealing with the complaint became argumentative.”

The restaurant hit back, by outlining its side of the story.

“You’re giving out because of the price of Lobster in December, so let’s break it down: Local live Irish Lobster caught off the Dublin Coast … 1. The lobster is clearly marked on the Menu @€10 per 100g; 2. You were shown the lobster; 3. You were given the weight; 4. You were given the price.”

“You proceeded to order it but being clearly out of your budget you decided to share a lobster and have 1/2 each.”

“You then go on to complain that it's not enough to fill you! You’re a grown woman, If you don't know how much you need to eat to fill yourself how in god’s name do you expect us to know what it takes to 'FILL' you.”

The post continued: “In this industry, you hear the legend of the nastiest person of the year and I'm delighted to let you know that for 2017 you're the winner. Award by us and vouched for by your own company on the night!”

“Nobody has the right to be rude and nasty but karma will play its roll in all this.”

Speaking to, owner Niall said that while people are perfectly entitled to review restaurants on TripAdvisor, they should be mindful that a restaurant is a livelihood for the owners and staff.

“[The response I made] is not something that I’d normally do. But I did it more so for the sake of the staff... to show solidarity with them.”

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