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Sunday 26 May 2019

Top Wine picks for Summer 2016

Wine expert and Supervalu buyer Kevin O'Callaghan recommends five of the best wines for your summer party Newsdesk Newsdesk

SuperValu wine expert and buyer Kevin O’Callaghan. SuperValu chooses five summer wines to tickle your fancy this summer.

Graham Norton Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (White)

front GN_Bottle 2015.jpg
Graham Norton Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (White)

Price: €14.99.

Speaking about the award-winning wine, Graham himself said: "That’s it! My Perfect blend… and it’s lovely. Tropical Fruit, a bit of zing… Cheers to that!’


Bendel Cuvee Caroline Cote du Provence (Rosé)

Bendel Cuvée Caroline.jpg
Bendel Cuvee Caroline Cote du Provence (Rosé)

Price: €12.99.

This wine has a pale and shiny ‘rose petal’ colour. The nose is elegant with floral and citrus notes and beautiful clean aromas of grapefruit and strawberry. The mouth is refreshing with a crispy finish.


Aresti Trisquel Assemblage (Red)


Aresti Trisquel Assemblage NEW.jpg
Aresti Trisquel Assemblage (Red)

Price: €15.99

This wine presents an intense, dark ruby red colour. On the nose it is complex showing fruity notes to plums and blackberries with flowery aromas combine with mocha and coffee hints from the barrel aging. Sweet and juicy in the mouth, it has nice structure and soft, ripe tannins.


André Goichot Pouilly Fuisse (White)

Andre Goichot Pouilly Fuisse.jpg
André Goichot Pouilly Fuisse (White)

Price: €22.99

The most southern white wine from Burgundy close to Beaujolais region. Elegant and full of charm, this white wine has a colour ranging from pale to deep gold, flecked with green. Different families of aroma’s make up the bouquet; mineral notes, citrus notes; white fruits; buttered brioche and honey. In the mouth it is possible to discern the differences from different plots.


Il Capolavoro (Red)

Il Capolavoro Appassimento.jpg
Il Capolavoro (Red)

Price: €14.99

Made with grapes that are partially dried before being gently pressed. Intense, deep ruby red; very fruity with rich cherry notes and a medium body; wonderfully intense, spicy, smooth and just full of flavours.

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