Discover new regions through our deliciously diverse imports

Moldovan wines have proven a big hit, with tasty bottles from Ukraine and Poland yet to hit our shelves

A selection of tasty imports to try

Aoife Carrigy

In a recent interview with Weekend, Mayo’s own Burgundy winemaker Róisín Curley MW remarked how lucky we Irish are to have such a broad selection of wines on our shelves. It’s something we take for granted — to have diverse wines from all around the world imported to our little island for our drinking pleasure. We didn’t always, of course; plus most winemaking countries have a far more limited selection of international wines for the obvious reason of less demand, given the local supply. For wine lovers, that diversity is a chance to discover new wine styles, regions and grape varieties. It can also give insight into the evolving socio-political cultures of countries outside our Euro-centric understanding of ‘Old World’ wines, and a chance to support emerging economies through our wine-buying choices.