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What's on the menu around the world

Comedian Eric Lalor was hired last year to hand out honey-roasted scorpions on Dublin's Grafton Street.
Comedian Eric Lalor was hired last year to hand out honey-roasted scorpions on Dublin's Grafton Street.
Mark Keenan

Mark Keenan

Smoked Mopanes (the Congo)

In the city of Kinshasa, each family eats an average of one-third of a kilo of Mopane caterpillars each week. They're sought after for their high nutrient value and their much savoured taste. Smoking mopanes preserves them so they can be eaten all year round.

Chapulines Fundido (Mexico)

Grasshoppers topped with melted mozzarella and cheddar served with salsa of shallots, garlic and chipotle chillies. A popular dish at Wahaca in London.

Fried and Chillied Scorpions (China)

Frying neutralises the poison before they are dusted with chilli powder and served on a stick. Has a greasy popcorn taste.

Golden Mountain Pub Grubs Platter (Thailand)

Abar snack platter with beer that sees crickets, beetles, woodworm grubs, bamboo worm grubs and grasshoppers fried with Thai pepper powder and served with Golden Mountain sauce.

Coal Roasted Rhinocerous Beetle (Africa), right

Crunchy on the outside – warm fondant in the middle. The sub Saharan's favourite barbecue dish is a way of turning cellulose from trees into digestible fats and one of the highest protein dishes an African family can eat.

Roasted and Salted Red Ants (Brazil)

Another bar dish. Ants are high in calcium and iron and lower in carbs and calories than peanuts.

Salsa Con Jumiles (Mexico)

Ground stink bugs blended with fresh tomatoes and chillies and used as a dip for corn bread. Cinnamon-like aroma.

Pink Marshmallows and Pink Battenberg iced Cakes (Ireland)

The pink colouring for these foods is carmine E120 – blood from the cochineal beetle, a cactus parasite found in Mexico. Why not serve your Battenberg with some fresh honey (bee vomit).

Live Ants (Denmark)

Served at Noma in Copenhagen, the ants are chilled to make them easier to catch. They're served roaming around in a bowl of cabbage leaves (to lift them on), hazelnuts, radishes and crème fraiche and apparently they taste of lemongrass.

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