Sunday 26 May 2019

'We were told someone quite famous is about to come in' - Martha Stewart makes surprise visit to Dublin shop

Martha Stewart called into The Kitchen Whisk
Martha Stewart called into The Kitchen Whisk
Martha Stewart surprised staff from the Kitchen Whisk.
The Kitchen Whisk in Dublin
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

America’s queen of cooking Martha Stewart surprised a Dublin shop this week when she popped in for some baking purchases.

Stewart’s driver called into The Kitchen Whisk, a cookware shop on Wicklow street in Dublin, to alert them that a famous customer was about to walk through their doors.

The cook was in Dublin to speak at the Bank of America-backed Global Forum for women business leaders in the Shelbourne hotel.

Kate Masterson (26), the shop owner, told “She had a look around and bought a few things. I told her that I was 26 and had opened the business just a year and a half ago. She was lovely and we got a photo together in the shop.”

“One of the staff there has been a huge fan and she was in her element; she has all her cookbooks. She was telling her ‘I have them all by my bedside’.”

Stewart bought cookie cutters, a knife for cutting bread dough and some tea towels.

“She was in for about 15 minutes; she was lovely. She was able to have a browse around and we got a photo.”

“It was just perfect that she came into her shop, the Queen of cooking.”

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