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'We want to avoid health problems'

A desire to buy food in its natural state instead of products laced with chemical nasties is what prompts Eoin Smith's family to buy organic.

When his wife Martha Fanning was pregnant with their first child, the couple became particularly interested in the provenance of food and what it contained.

An organic store opened in their hometown of Blackrock, Co Dublin, so they were able to easily access a wide range of organic products.

While not being obsessive about it, they do attempt to buy organic, particularly when it comes to meat and other animal products.

"We would prioritise organic milk and meat; that's where we'd have concerns about antibiotic use and other chemicals you don't really want in your food," said Eoin.

"It wasn't because we have any particular health concerns, but we do want to avoid problems in the future," he said.

For fruit and vegetables they were less insistent on purely organic as they were keener to ensure a plentiful supply for their sons Oisin (5) and Danny (3) but they did buy organic bananas and other items where the price differential wasn't too big.

They also tried to avoid ready meals and cheap processed products such as burgers, opting instead for organic mince, while they'd also found a particularly tasty range of organic rashers.

Eoin stressed they weren't zealots about their choice, but just tried to eat healthily most of the time.

"We'd make good stuff for the kids and then get the odd takeaway ourselves – I don't think there's any such thing as an organic takeaway," he said.

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