Sunday 16 December 2018

WATCH: 'Chinese Takeaway Pizza' - a step too far or a must eat?

Rachel Farrell

The battle between getting Chinese food or pizza is an age old debate on Irish shores.

Just Eat recently revealed that Chinese food holds the title for the most amount of orders in 2018 so far.

In 2017, thai green curry was voted Ireland’s favourite takeaway in the Just Eat National Takeaway Awards, beating the classic pepperoni pizza.

The days of deciding may soon be over, with the creation of the ‘Chinese Takeaway Pizza’ by ‘Love Food’.

The pizza combines Chinese cuisine favourites on a regular pizza base. Tomato sauce is replaced with soy sauce, and toppings vary from shredded duck to king prawns.

Cooked at 180 degrees for 25 minutes, the pizza is finished off with classic starter dishes like prawn toast and spring rolls.

The video was posted by the popular ‘Love Food’ Facebook page. With over 2 million likes, the page regularly post unusual and exciting cooking tutorials.

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