Saturday 20 July 2019

VIDEO: Supermarket Sweep revived! Can I get my Christmas Shopping done in three minutes?

Dale Winton - eat your heart out! Patricia Murphy tries what most of us would love to do - a Supermarket Sweep!

Patricia Murphy

Lidl has revived Supermarket Sweep, offering customers all over Ireland the chance to dash through the store in pursuit of their Christmas shopping.

The catch? To get it all wrapped up in just three minutes.'s Patricia Murphy tries her hand at the trolley dash for Barretstown.'s Patricia Murphy tries her hand at the trolley dash for Barretstown.

Customers have been shelling out for lottery tickets for The Trolley Dash for two weeks and on December 13 one shopper from each of the country’s 140 stores will undertake the ultimate Christmas shopping challenge.

As a seasoned shopper myself with the greatest nostalgia for terrible Nineties television, I was pumped to give the dash a try even going so far as scoping out the aisles in the days before in order to get the most out of the brisk Christmas shop.

With a GoPro strapped to my trolley at the Glasnevin store, my strategy was to head towards the Deluxe goodies: expensive, luxurious and most importantly bound to rack up a big bill at the till.

Read more: Karl Henry's 10 tricks for a healthy Christmas's trolley dash bill came to €324.58's trolley dash bill came to €324.58

I quickly abandoned the budget friendly vegetables in favour of truffles, Christmas Cakes and other holiday necessities but I wasn’t fretting over absent Brussels sprouts.

Geese, hams, turkeys and prawns were all thrown in into the basket with haste. Blocks of cheddar and camembert were up in the air as I banged smoked salmon and salami into my basket (one has to think about the anti pasti board after all).

With one minute to go, the klaxon went off once again and the finish line was in sight. Unfortunately for wine lovers, the alcohol section is off limits in the challenge so I filled the basket with an abundance of fizzy drinks before making the final dash towards the finish line.

Racked up, the final bill came to €324.58 which proves that I am both a dangerous and efficient shopper.

So far The Trolley Dash has raised €135,000 with all proceeds going directly to Lidl’s charity partners Barretstown.

While it’s too late to buy tickets for the dash, you can head to your local store at 8am this Saturday December 13 to see your local winner partake in the challenge.

With thanks to Lidl, has the price of my Trolley Sweep (€324.58) to give away to one lucky Independent Life Facebook fan to make their Christmas that bit more merry!

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