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VIDEO: Chef Catherine Fulvio shares her top tips for healthy eating

Chef and author Catherine Fulvio believes that Irish people need to be more creative when it comes to reinventing our favourite ‘meat and two veg’.

The cook, who spent many years in Italy, believes that having colourful plates of food encourages us to eat more healthily.

“I think what is very important is colour on the plate. I think if a plate is vibrant you’re more open to eating vegetables.

“In Ireland we love our meat and two vegetables in various forms and looking at it from a different angle is always good. Not everything should be roasted or friend,” said Catherine.

“I think lighter cooking is something we need to aim for. Steaming is really good or oven baking is a really really nice way of cooking vegetables.”

“The chef also has hoped on the juicy bandwagon and makes an effort to have a healthy green smoothie each morning for breakfast.

“I think making an effort to have a lot of fruit in the diet is very important. For me personally, I am trying to have a green smoothie, my own version, each morning for breakfast,” she said.

The chef revealed that she has no ambitions to become a restaurateur, instead choosing to focus on her bustling cookery school in Wicklow.

“I can’t see myself opening a restaurant because I have a lot of stuff on but I do have big plans for the cookery school.

“We’re bringing on a whole new range of classes and we’re bringing some of them to certificate level which is really exciting and will open the school up to a whole new market,” she said.

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