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Under starter's orders


Thai Coconut curry

Thai Coconut curry

Thai Coconut curry

Some people underestimate the importance of starters. A good one should excite and test all of the senses, setting the ball rolling for a most enjoyable meal. I believe that a prerequisite for a dinner party is that at least one of your courses can be prepared in advance and enjoyed later.

The kind of dinners I love best are simple and hearty ones -- good old-fashioned comfort food. When I was a child, Mum would often make slow-cooked casseroles or have joints of meat cooking for hours on end and the results would be a gastronomic delight. Thanks to her, this is the style of cooking I tend to favour, both in my career and at home.

You should always leave room for dessert! Although I'm not much of a dessert man, I do like to partake on a special occasion.

Nowadays, people lead such busy lives that when they select a new recipe to cook for their family or friends, they want it to work perfectly the first time -- and every time. These ones will do just that. They're a collection of tried-and-tested recipes that I have built up over my years in the food industry.

Food has changed a lot since I first became a chef. Right now, home-cooked comfort food is very much in vogue.

People love to visit their local butchers and supermarkets, bring home their produce and cook up a fantastic meal from scratch for their nearest and dearest.

I have tried to use everyday ingredients that you're bound to have at home, but I've also jazzed them up a little with plenty of twists.

I hope that you enjoy cooking and eating your way through my recipes.

'Recipes That Work' by Kevin Dundon, £20, Harper Collins

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