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Tuesday 10 December 2019

Tried and tested: Supermarket pâtés rated

Edel Coffey chooses her favourite pâté of the lot

Smooth pork liver pate, 99c, Aldi
Smooth pork liver pate, 99c, Aldi
Brussels pâté, €1.29 (100g), Marks & Spencer
Finest Brussels pâté, €3.14 (160g), Tesco

Edel Coffey

I had a more mature palate as a child than I have as an adult.

I used to eat lots of things that most children find unbearable – malted fruit breads, spicy Indian food, heart and tongue (my aunt was a use-every-part-of-the-animal cook), and duck liver pâté.

This was mainly down to the fact that the grown-up women in my life ate these things and I thought that if I joined in on the party, I would somehow be grown-up and sophisticated by extension.

I stopped eating these things as soon as I grew up and realised that pâté probably contained a little more fat than I wanted in my diet. So now, whenever I eat pâté, or fruit bread for that matter, they are just like an evocative Proustian madeleine, bringing back strong memories of childhood. (I haven't eaten heart or tongue since so can't say what they would call up from my mind.) Ultimately, for meat-eaters, pâté with crackers is a great snack to serve with wine.

Aldi smooth pork liver pâté

Smooth pork liver pate, 99c, Aldi

Price: 99c (200g)

Verdict: Unbeatable price as usual from this own-brand range. But this works best accompanied by other flavours, such as some sweet onion jam, because it has a very strong liver flavour with a warm spiciness to the aftertaste that needs complicating.

Per 100g, you get 297 calories, 27g of fat, 0.8g of sugar and 11g of protein.

Score: 3/5


Marks and Spencer Brussels pâté

Brussels pâté, €1.29 (100g), Marks & Spencer

Price: €1.29 (140g)

Verdict: This is as smooth and light as a mousse with a nice, mild flavour but is also very rich – a good thing you're not likely to eat too much of it.

Per 100g, you get 250 calories, 21g of fat, 0g sugar and 11g protein

Score: 4/5

Tesco Finest Brussels pâté

Finest Brussels pâté, €3.14 (160g), Tesco

Price: €3.14 (160g)

Verdict: This one costs a little more as it's from Tesco's deluxe 'Finest' range. The flavour is a bit stronger and the blend is a little airier (but it's still a smooth variety). A good, hearty pâté.

Per 100g, you get 355 calories, 33g fat, 2.9g sugar and 9g protein

Score: 3/5

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