Sunday 17 December 2017

The world's most dangerous foods

Naga 'ghost' chillies
Naga 'ghost' chillies
Ed Power

Ed Power

Ghost chilli pales against the fright factor of certain meals.

Japanese pufferfish

The toxins contained in the liver and reproductive organs of the 'fugu' pufferfish are 1,200 times stronger than cyanide. The poison causes the muscles to shut down, leading to asphyxiation. For that reason, only officially licensed chefs trained in the delicate art of slicing away the poisonous organs are allowed serve fugu, a highly prized meal in Japan.

Sannakji octopus

A delicacy in South Korea, the 'wriggling octopus' is outfitted with suckers which attach to the inside of the mouth and throat, resulting in suffocation. Six people die every year eating wriggling octopus.


The shrub-like crop is found throughout Western Africa and is used to make flour and bread. Only after the correct precautions, however. The roots and leaves contain potentially fatal quantities of cyanide .

Ackee Plant

Found in Jamaica, the Triffid-like Ackee plant has a delicious, fleshy interior. Avoid the red and black outside, these can cause life-threatening plunges in blood sugar levels.

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